Red Meters Data Pipeline


Red Meters Data Pipeline

Red Meters have developed a device which delivers real-time measurements of slurry density. The device uses sensors and patented technology to provide an accurate and unobtrusive form of measurement. Measurements on device are used to calculate density using Machine Learning. This device is the first commercially available IoT enabled device in the sector, giving Red Meters the opportunity to deliver improved performance and experience over their competitors.

Red Meters approached us to make the most of their unique technology, and use Machine Learning to deliver a superior product. We worked with Red Meters to create a data pipeline that automates the reconciliation and transformation of raw data into machine learning features. We then worked with Red Meters to design an architecture to train and deploy models to each device.

By implementing our architecture, Red Meters have an industry leading device. Density meters can be used in a wide variety of different environments, from deep at sea to industrial mining operations, but tailoring models to each environment gives a huge improvement in performance. Red Meters is one of the first Cloud Based measurement devices worldwide.

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