Reason Digital Panel


Data Science Panel at Reason Digital

Here at PDFTA we support the local community. We have organisational involvement in PyDataMCR and EndHomelessnes. At the start of 2019 we reached out to charitable companies to get more involved. Reason Digitals’ reputation preceded them, we wanted to talk.

Reason Digital use technology for good, and that’s something we can get behind. We met with Rachel Lane to find out how we could help. Understanding data science is an ongoing challenge for an organisation (particularly for charities with lean budgets and stretched teams), but also for each individual. Small companies have a lot to gain from low hanging fruit. We agreed to a Q&A panel session.

But we couldn’t stop at being on a data panel, where is the fun in that? The staff of Reason Digital had whiteboards at the ready. Live drawing of the narrative gave way to spectacular results which helped visualise the conversation. This use of whiteboards was intentional and enabled Reason Digital to reflect on the discussion. Anybody who missed the session was left with an “infographic” to get a sense of what was explore - critical in a complex space.

We are always happy to have a chat over coffee.